Anime Refferal Websites.

For those who want to know where to watch Anime, buy Anime, or download Anime. You have come to the right place. Even though my website does not let you watch, buy, or download Anime, I know very good websites that let you do just that. Here is one of my favorites…

(do NOT go to, it is a hentai site, and very much, the opposite of this one.)

For those who do not know… has some drawbacks, for instance:

1. You can only watch four episodes of any Anime a day.

2. There are at least seventy percent of these anime’s that you cannot watch because you have to be a member.

That is all; here is the quick link:

————————————————————————————- Almost everyone knows about eBay, you can buy crap (literally) and probably get anything you want off of that website, even peoples souls. (yes, it is true. but, unfortunatly, they have banned that.)

Well there you have it, Well, there are a lot of drawbacks:

1. Some people rip you off. I.E. give you something that is not in mint condition when you bought it in mint condition.

2. eBay has Horrible prices. For instance… you buy something that is $0.99 and it is in Hong Kong, well, your shipping is going to be at least $45.00.

3. This has happened to me before, I bought a Zelda game, I think it was Four Swords… yeah, it was! Well, I bought Zelda: Four Swords for Gamecube and it said it came with the USB’s that made it four player. And, of course, I only got the game. So, be careful, and make sure you are buying from someone you know or a trusted company.



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