Fact’s and Stuff

this is a page where I post the newest (or oldest) upcoming (or old things that have happened) events! Here’s a picture to ease your mind, and stay tuned in for the newest posts!anime46.jpg


  Have you ever wondered what Naruto’s dad’s name was? Well…I have, and I searched forever, until…dun dun dunnnnn! I found out! His name is Minato Kamikaze! otherwise known as…Yondaime the fourth Hokage! But…come to think of it…what Anime genius doesn’t know his name?  If you want more imformation about Yondaime, request it! Don’t forget to stay tuned for more fact’s or events!

-Naruto Shippudden Fact-

 In the episode where Naruto meets Sasuke again, after 2 1/2 years, Sakura is shocked and surprised  to see him and is not relieved when he jumps next to Naruto and swings his blade of FURY!! (sorry I had to do that) But, anyway, he’s about to cut him in half when…Sai gets in they way!! (No Sai!) Sai is cut in half…that is the spoiler for today! Please this is only a rumor, either my eyes decieve me, or I’m going crazy! (slightly both) Hopefully because…Sai’s my favorite character! 

-Ratchet & Clank fact-

 Ratchet, the main character…

i love him!-erin

Well, his voice actor (James Arnold Taylor) is the same voice actor as Fred Flinstones!


Well, here is another fact… Sakura loves Naruto! I know, it is very hard to grasp, but the truth, is the truth. So, do not deny it! because you very well know it is the truth! Well, you should probably look it up…because IT IS TRUE!


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  1. Yes, Sam. I think you are going crazy…

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