Anime talk-

Just ask yourselves these very simple and stupid questions…then ask someone about them…

#1-Hentai RANT-

-Why do people like Hentai, Ecchi, Yaoi, etc.!? I mean come on people! you obviously need to get a date! or find some other people to torture with your sick FANART! I am glad you Japanese people need to learn English first, cause what i’m saying might offend some Japanese Anime Artists, (only the sick ones though) Anyway, you japanese are SICK! END OF STORY! aspecially when you make hentai anime’s, we don’t need to see that kind of stuff!

 #2- Favorite opening’s

This is way off the subject, but here you go!

-One day my sis asked me something, “which Anime opening of Naruto do you like best?” it was a pretty hard question, i pretty much liked every single one! and i wanted to give her a nice answer other than, “all of them” so i thought and have been thinking for over 3 days now, finally i realised, i liked all of them and never will think other wise. So on the second day, i listened to every single one, still…the same answer came to mind. finally i thought of something, I hate rap so much that i wouldnt care if the whole world got rid of rap, i would be happy! and try to guess what that meant to me…i made my decision! my favorite Naruto opening was…Dun Dun Dun! The Shippuuden Opening 1, and there you have it people! my favorite Naruto Opening!     

(please comment about opinions)

-Dun! dun dun dunnnn! This month I’m posting anime’s rants other-than my own! Here goes!

Sasuke Uchiha


-Orochimaru’s RANT-


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  1. That… was scary…

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