Toko Ai Kanno


I guess you could say I was an ordinary girl, but… It doesn’t feel right, I’m the only elfling to have weapons and be poured with holy water. I dont like the rich life, I’ve never liked the rich life, I’d rather be a beggar child. I have no parents, I dont even know why I’m higher standards than… Anyone. Everyone in the Elftor Kingdom said ‘I grew up too fast’, they say ‘I’m only 12’, I don’t care about age or height! This…is me.




Toko was lying in her bed thinking of what it would be like to go unaquainted in the city. “What if?…I do?.” Toko sat there and immediately jumped out the old window in her comfortable loft, her house was like a castle so she dashed across the roof jumping from 40 ft. as she jumped to the scaffolding below, she heard her feet scrapping against the concrete. She lost her gripping and slipped onto the wet grass her people call yards…she was speechless, she never saw anything like the figure standing before her, it had short hair, scars on it’s face and was like a girl, but an odd looking girl.


She kept staring, and staring while he was raking his yard. He then noticed her walking up to her he asked, “Why are you staring at me?” He looked at her and frowned. “I know who you are, you shouldn’t be here!” She kept staring at him, but was to astonished to speak, but finally questioned, “What do you mean?”, “I mean, you just can’t be here how did you sneak out anyway?” She smiled, “I jumped, from up there silly!” She smiled and he stared at her in astonishment, “you jumped? You’re crazy, you could have killed yourself!

He bowed half-way as she grabbed his shoulders and said, “My name is Toko, I’m 12 years old and please do not bow.” She brushed off her tattered clothing as Kanno started to speak, “Why are you out here at this time of night? you can’t be running around!” He pointed to her face, “Iv’e never even seen you in person before…now go before anyone see’s you!” He had a worried look on his face. “don’t get your tail in a knot!” She said pointing at Kanno, “im only looking!” He then smiled, it was an odd smile, like an annoyed neighbor with his eye twitching, “you know, the people in our village will be worried if your gone!” He grabbed her shoulders and asked, “do you want to be locked up in this kingdom forever? If you act like this you could possibly be killed! Your mother would probably do it herself too.” she smiled, pulling her hair back she replied, “I’m listening…” He had an eager smile, an evil smile, “I’ll show you a place, it’s deep in the forest five miles from here. If you want to escape the rich life I suppose you could go there. But I too wish to go there some day.” she completely ignored Kanno’s remaining words and started to run to her kingdom, she quietly snuck past the guards in front of the building and went to her room, “I might need this…” she took her two disguise uniforms and put them into her bag, and picked up her bow and arrows. Kanno smiled, “maybe she’s chicken?” he then saw Toko from her loft window, she slid it open, “what is she doing?” Yoko sat on her roof and carefully slid down half-way and leaped into the air, “holy!” He ran to catch her but saw the sun coming up, “oh no…” she fell on top of him as they struggled to get up, “we have to hurry to the forest!” quickly they ran past all the houses, past the market and heard a “cuckoo!” They both held hands and ran past the huge kingdom where a guard saw them both and noticed Toko, “Miss Toko get back here! What the hell are you doing?!” he ran after them, Toko slipped on a rock lying in a bed of water, “ouch, help Kanno!” the guard grabbed her shoulders, and tried to talk sense into her but Kanno grabbed her arm trying to pull her up, she screamed, the guard remarked, “Sorry!” and let go, Kanno, feeling no remorse, got her up and carried her in his arms as the bleeding Toko passed out. “Toko! Toko! no Toko!” he kept running, he never stopped, soon he would collapse from her weight, after 4 miles, the guard got so tired his muscles were pulsing, I cant let him see the secret place I must find a way! he thought as he put Yoko down, the guard grabbed Kanno’s arm with a hard grip so he clenched his teeth in pain, he must be pretty angry! The guard said, “your under arrest!” Kanno screamed “Yoko run!” Yoko didn’t awake, she was bleeding, and probably in a coma. Finally she heard rustling and fighting, she then awoke barely able to move. She screamed in pain, Kanno and the guard stopped attacking eachother and came to her aid, but Kanno kicked him in the face, flying into a tree he knocked out. Kanno heard metal clanging together and then saw guards ready to take him away. Toko stood up and started to run, she knew what he was doing and why she must find this place, she just had a gut feeling so she ran.

I must keep running! But Kanno! No i must keep running! She then stumbled upon a tropical place with ferrets, canaries, fruit and vegetables and even a creek. “this must be it”



“Stay the hell away from me!” Kanno screamed to the guard, “where is she!?” the guard put a knife to his neck, “I wont tell!” Kanno grabbed the guard as everyone in the streets were watching, he broke the knife in half but the guard grabbed him by the neck of his shirt, “get your hands off of me!” he screamed ripping his shirt in half. He decided to run to the secret place, it was his only choice, so he ran, the guards decided to send a search party in the morning so he had plenty of time to run. When he finally made it he couldn’t find her anywhere, “Toko? Where are you Toko?” Toko screamed and said, “go away im changing!” He blushed as she put his head underwater for awhile, she changed into her first disguise, she used some urbs to change her hair brown, put it in a bun and put in old rusty earrings to represent her wealth. She picked him out of the water, he was asleep “Whatever!” he blushed and said, “Nice outfit Toko.” He smiled and pointed at her.
Kanno smiled, “I want you to meet someone, she lives close to here. Her name is ZEN.” Yoko smiled, “how far?” Kanno smiled and grabbed her hand, “you’ll see.” Kanno started to run and kept running over hay-fields and grass lands for 2 hours, they soon came across a town called Vampyre A. “We’re here Toko.” he pointed to a huge castle like hers, “there is where she lives with her older brother, I hear he’s supposed to marry an elf, since he’s prince.” Toko frowned and put her hands into fists and squeezed, “don’t tell this prince who i am…” She shivered and Kanno smiled, “Why? why not? your not even a princess, your sister is right?” Yoko’s eyes grew large, what sister, I’m the only daughter of my family? What has my kingdom been telling these people “oh yeah, my sister.” she held back her eagerness to tell him the truth, but still couldn’t trust him, she eagerly said, “Please, don’t tell him my sister’s getting married to him either…” Tears ran down her face, she didn’t know what to do, she had no idea.  “yea…” Kanno agreed to not tell him, as they both walked up to the castle Toko wiped the tears from her face, she was to embarassed to show Kanno her sadness, “Who goes there?” asked a vampire guard, “it’s only Kanno of the Elfins I come to bring bad news about Miss Yoko Cala, I have brought a friend with me, is that alright!?” He walked up to the guard, “Yes sir, come on in Kanno.” The guard escorted them in and asked them to sit and wait for ZEN and the prince. “Why are you going to tell them what happened to Toko?” Toko frowned, she didn’t want him to tell her “secret” away, “I had to give them a reason to come in, you can’t just walk in!” Kanno smiled and poked her nose, “oh sorry.” Toko smiled as Zen and the prince walked into the waiting room, “What is the matter with my dear princess?” asked the prince, as Toko gripped the couch harder Kanno shoved her in the stomach with his elbow, “oh, Miss Toko has ran away into the forest, I tried to find her but she runs very fast.”

The prince frowned, “what will happen to her?” Kanno frowned, “I do not know, but i think Zen can help, so can I speak to her in her room?” Toko frowned, are you tryingto get me caught Kanno!? “of course Kanno! Zen escort Kanno please?” Toko sat there and thought i have to stay here with my betrothed husband!? “you stay here with me, you haven’t said anything, why did you come anyway?” Toko sat there, “I don’t know, I was bored.” The prince smirked, “you look familiar? You look very cute, almost like my beloved princess Toko?” The prince looked at her and said, “stand up!” Toko was worried, if he saw her neck it would be the end for her, because she was the only one in the world to have a dragon tattoo on her neck! Toko stood up and put her hand where her tattoo was, “spin slowly around…” she started to get dizzy the tension was nerve-wracking and unbarable. The prince thought, she is just like the princess, i think i’m forgetting something, oh yes! her tattoo, now what was it again? “What are you covering up?” the prince frowned and saw the dragon on her neck, “nothing my neck hurts that’s all…” the prince grabbed her and lifted her up by the hand, “What is your name? Why do you have a tattoo?” She started to shake with fear. “why!?” she stopped shaking as he put her down, ” My name is Kami!” slowely he brought her closer and he started to cry, as Zen and Kanno walked in they were ashamed to see the prince like this, “We leave for five minutes and this is what happens?!” Kanno screamed as the prince backed away slowly, “I was just sad that my princess is g-gone!” The prince started to wail in flowing tears as Toko became unconcious and fell to the floor, “I’ll get my friend back to my home, would you and your elf friends like to come with me Zen”The prince smiled as Zen started to speak, he was happy to see her grown up, “sure, but brother you should be attendend, would yo like to come too?” The prince shook his head, Zen smiled as she ran to Toko and picked her up,”We should get going Zen So gather all your friends.” Finally when they arrived they all followed them back to the ‘special place’. After 2 hours of walking they finally made it back to the special place, Yoko was still unconcious. “what do we do?” asked Zen, stara (one of Zen’s friends) looked at Kanno and smiled, “im not too sure, maybe CPR will work?” Everyone pointed to Kanno, “what, why me!?” he screamed as she put her on the ground. “because were girls and that’s gross!” screamed Moon to his face, “I dont know how…” said Kanno as he looked at Toko’s beautiful face, “well, you open her mouth put your lips to hers and breath through her body, for a very long time he was staring at her face. so it’s pretty much a kiss of life.” explained Metora, as she had an evil smile on her face, iv’e never had my first kiss before, but it doesn’t seem right… “man, why me!?” Kanno looked at her face again and placed her on a leafy bed of flowers. she’s awake! I don’t have to kiss her! yes! he was leaning in and looking at her face when the prince walked in and said, “i followed you g-” he stopped and went over to Toko, “what the hell did you do?!” he screamed to Kanno, “It’s not my fault she’s in a coma!” Toko woke up and saw the prince, “why am I here?” The prince smiled and put his hand under her head, “i carried you all the way here and gave you CPR my sweet.” Kanno frowned, “what? no, I did! Well…sort of.” Toko fell asleep as Kanno in rage went to a place to make a bed for himself, “I suppose we should all get some supplies for our new home.” said Zen as they gathered food, made beds and the girls put Yoko in a white nightgown.




Chapter 2: the vampire awakend!
That night when everyone was sound asleep, the full moon was out. the prince awoke from his hard bed on the cold ground, he grew fangs and large ears, “what’s happening to me?” he touched his face, it was cold like stone, he couldn’t control himself, he was raging mad, he tried to fight back but he was overcome with fear, he went over to Toko, picked her up and put his arm around her waist, grabbed her other arm and bit her neck sinking his fangs into her body, she started bleeding from her mouth and neck. The pain was so overwhelming she screamed.
She woke up and started to fight back, Kanno woke up and went to Toko’s bed and there she was, bleeding, with his mouth on her neck. “Toko!” He screamed as she fell to the ground, the prince turned back to normal and collapsed onto the ground. Kanno ran to her and layed her in bed, “Toko…” he started to cry, slowely she was turning into stone, inch by inch, she turned into stone but her soul was roaming around him, her soul didnt look anything like her.It was golden and sad-like. 

the soul started to talk to him, it said “save me…please…before the next full moon.” Kanno looked at the soul and asked, “how am I suppose to save you, I’m only 12.” the soul made a single tear she had and turned it into a girl that looked exactly like Toko, “you must pretend this girl is Toko, and the rest is up to you…” Kanno started to cry as this ‘Toko’ stood before him, “do you know how to save her?”replied the new ‘Toko’ she smiled evilly, He didn’t this would turn out well…”I will tell you…You must take my tears’ soul and forget everything about the princess, then you will become the person Toko wants you to become.” Kanno, at this point, was as confused as ever, “what…what!?” “Toko” laughed at him, “all you have to do is forget everything about her.” Kanno had just realized a fatal mistake, Why did I listen to this lady! Toko can’t be the princess! her sister is, right?

-stay tuned for more chapters!-














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