I have runescape, My chemical Romance, Video Games, and Anime wallpapers…(just for your compatability convienence) and if you like hentai, Ecchi, Yuri, or Yaoi, then too bad, i’m not gross and will not add any even if you ask me! Also FWI if you want to see the whole entire wallpaper just click on it! (instead of it just a link)










naruto_8_640.jpg           naruto_7_640.jpg           naruto_6_640.jpg           

naruto_4_640.jpg           naruto_2_640.jpg           naruto_3_6401.jpg         



bleach_1_640.jpg   bleach_2_640.jpg     bleach_3_640.jpg  

bleach_4_6401.jpg  bleach_5_640.jpg    bleach_6_640.jpg

bleach_7_640.jpg    bleach_9_640.jpg    bleach_10_640.jpg

bleach_11_640.jpg  bleach_12_640.jpg  bleach_13_640.jpg

bleach_14_640.jpg  bleach_15_640.jpg  bleach_16_640.jpg

bleach_17_640.jpg                                  bleach_18_640.jpg 

These are not for 1000×780 or anything, if you want tons more, check out this website (where I got them)





4 Responses to “wallpapers!”

  1. not gross! hmph…….

  2. Shihouin Says:

    i now claim the last name of yoruichi!(shihouin…)

  3. Shihouin Says:

    interesting wallpapers…

  4. you have probably already heard of this Anime, but if not, you can add this to your list… “Basilisk” is the name of it. Good day to you, Ma’am!

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